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PROTAC ® Platform

Services & Solutions

Services & Solutions

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Small Molecule

Small Molecule

WuXi TIDES(Oligonucleotide and Peptide CRDMO Service)




PROTAC <sup>®</sup> Platform

Carbohydrate Chemistry


Macrocyclic Chemistry

Boron Chemistry

Steroids Chemistry


Computer-aided Drug Design


Compound Management

Reaction Condition Screening

Fluorescent Bio-probe and Labeling

Quantum Mechanics

Late Stage Functionalization

Catalysis Screening

Custom Synthesis

Discovery Process Chemistry


Impurity Proofing

Isotopic Labeling Chemistry

Crystallization Platform

Analysis & Purification

Fluorine Chemistry

PROTAC <sup>®</sup> Platform

Flow Chemistry Service


Photoredox Chemistry

Synthesis, Analysis, Purification and DMPK

We have 900+ chemists with considerable experiences in the linkers, E3 ligase ligand and target protein ligand synthesis since 2016

>60 clients/collaborations

>50 methods of Prep-HPLC and chiral-SFC for purification

Efficient in-vitro/in-vivo testing by WuXi DMPK

Experienced in versatile linkers synthesis, 100+ are readily available

Novel linker synthesis by high productivity, quality, speed, and reliability PROTAC ®  Platform

Experienced in CRBN/VHL/IAP/MDM2 and novel E3 ligase ligands synthesis, >30 CRBN/VHL ligands are readily available

30 series of target protein ligands coupled with various linkers


PROTAC is a registered trademark of Arvinas Operations, Inc., and is used under license

PROTAC ® Molecular Bank

A modular platform:More efficient PROTAC®synthesis

Customized PROTAC®: From mg scale to 200+ kg


Linkers: Most frequently used linkers, e.g. PEG, alkyl, ”clickable”, and rigid linkers

In-stock compounds:More than 350 in-stock linkers or E3 ligase ligands based on literatures


E3 ligase ligands: Common ligands are readily available, e.g. VHL, CRBN, cIAP, etc

Traditional FFS

From mg to hundreds of kg

> 20,000 compounds synthesized

> 90% on-time delivery


> 100 libraries finished

1~5 step parallel synthesis

2~4 weeks of turn-around time