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Macrocyclic Chemistry

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Small Molecule

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Macrocyclic Chemistry

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Macrocyclic Chemistry

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Capability of Macrocyclic Compound Platform

Rich experience (>15 years) on the construction of versatile macrocyclic compounds, more than 8 representative cyclization methods have been developed Macrocyclic Cpds such as lactam, lactone, sulfonamides, ethers, bi-cyclic & tri-cyclic, etc. can be efficiently synthesized, more than 1500 macrocyclic compounds have been prepared and >30 g of desired products with 20-31 steps have been obtained

>1500 Macrocyclic compounds synthesized
>10 Supported candidates
>30 Grams scaled up 20- 31 steps
15 Years experiences
>8 Represen-tative cyclization methods

Mitsunobu Cyclization

RCM Cyclization

Sulfonamide Formation

Lactam Cyclization

Substitution Cyclization

Click Reaction

Reductive Amination

C-H Activation