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Flow Chemistry Service

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Services & Solutions

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Small Molecule

Small Molecule

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Flow Chemistry Service

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Flow Chemistry Service


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Flow Chemistry – the better solution for safety/scale up/efficiency

Since 2015, our Flow Chemistry team has provided condition screening and scale-up services for 100+ customers globally.   Our aim is to run in a continuous flow stream  to provide faster, cleaner and safer reactions by integrated synthesis, work-up, and analysis

Flow Chemistry Service Highlights

Easily set up and used for a wide scale from milligram to kilogram

Broad temperature range, from -78 ℃ to 250 ℃

Flow rate range of 0.05 ml/min to 10 ml/min

Up to 4 independently controlled reagent pumps

Quick turnaround time for condition screening, within 2 days

Full experience in milligram to kilogram scale production

More than 10 different continuous reaction systems including Corning and Vapourtec flow reactors

Reaction Types



Photo reactions

Metallation reactions

Stability issue reactions

High temperature reactions

High risk reaction: NaN3/BH3/H2O2




Vapourtec flow system R series

Flexible, precise and automatable

Best in class performance

Idea for med chem and process research

Easy to set up and use

Versatile and robust pumps

Wide range of reaction conditions possible

Cited in over 600 peer reviewed publications

A proven design with over 400 installations worldwide


Corning flow system

1~5 kg production per day

Outstanding mixing and heat exchange

Low internal volume

High residence time

High chemical durability

Flow rate range of 5 ml/min to 50 ml/min

Broad temperature range, from -60 to 200 ℃

Pressure up to 1.8 Mpa


Oushisheng flow hydrogenation system

2-5 kg production per day;

Broad temperature range, from r.t. to 200 ℃

Catalyst diameter, from 0.2-2 mm

Flow rate range of 5 ml/min to 50 ml/min

Pressure up to 10 MPa

Flow Chemistry Service from Condition Screening to Scale Up

Condition Screening

Flow Chemistry Development

Flow Chemistry Scale up


Photo reactor


Vapourtec flow reactor


365-850 nm LED flow reactor